Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twittercook: No-butter chicken and corn with aromatic seasonings

While catching up on Twitter yesterday morning, Kayte invited me to cook an Indian-flavored dinner tonight with several of our Twitter buddies. I'm always happy for new dinner ideas, especially in the summer when I have to plan three meals a day instead of just one!

The recipes can be found here: Bal's no-butter chicken and Corn with aromatic seasonings. Both recipes were really easy to make, although I only had a bit of garam masala left, so I threw in some additional spices to make up for it.

I wasn't super excited about the corn, but decided to make it anyway since we had two cobs leftover from the fourth. And I'm so glad I did; it was unusually spiced, but absolutely delicious! The chicken was good, too, but too spicy for the kiddos and me. The kids both took one bite, said "yum," then said, "water!!!" and then ate yogurt and cereal. I managed to eat a little, but it was way too spicy for me. I think I used too much cumin in my fake garam masala, and that there were too many pepper flakes for us. Easy fixes for next time! And hubby was ecstatic because he never gets to eat food that's as spicy as he likes! =) Cooking with friends and a delicious meal...what a perfect way to spend a summer evening!


  1. I felt the same way about the corn. I was worried it wouldn't have a very interesting flavor, but I found myself just loving it and wanting more! It was great to cook alongside you!

  2. Looks great...and so happy to hear that Eric was happy...we are trying to get on his good side since we take you away from him so often and complain a lot when you leave for weeks to go to his parents' house instead of hanging around to play with us on Twitter. We loved it all, but that corn was a real surprise, I kept sampling it and sampling it...good thing I made plenty! Thanks for cooking along, always fun when you are aboard.

  3. So very glad you joined in the TwitterCook. This was a great way to cook chicken. Think you would like it a lot with less spice. Glad you ended up liking the corn.