Friday, September 13, 2013

First week of school lunches

Not super impressive, but it's a start, and hey, we made it through the first week! :-)

Him: mixed berry-kefir smoothie, turkey roll ups, whole wheat blue berry muffin, fresh picked strawberries

Her: whole wheat chocolate chip muffin, turkey roll ups, pistachios, avocado

Leftover: avocado

Her: ww chocolate chip muffin, apple-pb sandwich, strawberries and a raspberry, pistachios

Him: mixed berry-kefir smoothie, apple-pb sandwich, ww blueberry muffin, strawberries

Leftover: her apple-pb sandwich (which she ate as an after-school snack) and a strawberry

Her: turkey roll ups, pistachios, strawberries, leftover chocolate chip pancakes

Him: mixed-berry-kefir smoothie, strawberries, leftover blueberry pancakes, apple-pb sandwich

Leftover: her berries

Her: turkey roll ups, grapes and strawberries, ww chocolate chip muffin (from freezer), almond crackers, pistachios

Him: mixed berry-kefir smoothie, turkey roll ups, ww blueberry muffin (from freezer), strawberries

Her: almond crackers, apple slices, pistachios, homemade uncrustable (from freezer)

Him: ww blueberry muffin (from freezer), homemade uncrustable (from freezer), apple slices, mixed berry-kefir smoothie

Leftover: two of her apple slices

Note: The repeating smoothies and pistachios are requirements for each kid...not lack of creativity from me. ;-) And the little girl is very fruit-resistant, thus the almost daily fruit leftovers. Still, we keep trying! One thing I really like about our lunch system is that the kids return everything to their lunch bags/boxes so I can see what they ate each day. It took the little guy about half the year last year to figure out how to eat in their short lunch period, but now he finishes everything almost every day...especially because they don't have snack time in first grade.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

100% whole wheat lunches!

On Monday, I begin making four school lunches each morning because somehow (don't ask me how), my little one heads off to kindergarten this week.

I think the biggest change is going to be preparation... I can occasionally fly by the seat of my pants when making lunch for hubby and myself... And I was able to punt with the little guy's lunch a couple of times last year. But she doesn't eat the pre-prepared organic snacks (jammy sammies, smoothie pouches, applesauce pouches) that I used as emergency back-ups for him. And they prefer such different foods. And then I have to take into account time: I need to put in easy-to-eat foods that they can get through in their super short lunch period. And the little guy is much hungrier these days.

Anyway, I need to prepare. Today, I spent four hours of the afternoon making some 100% whole wheat lunch box goodies: Hamelman's toast bread, KAF's whole wheat blueberry muffins (for him), KAF's whole wheat chocolate chip muffins (for her, made with a little less sugar and less than half of the called-for chocolate chips), and KAF's whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (for all of us, made with half the called-for chips, in tablespoon sized for this weekend and teaspoon sized for lunches).

I've started making a lunch schedule, too, which hangs next to our weekly dinner plan. Wish me luck!