In an effort to eat more healthfully and more tastefully, as well as in my continuing desire to know what I put in front of my family, I have been working to make as many things as possible by scratch ~ I started with bread, but have experimented with many other foods. Some (like homemade peanut butter) were not a success and some (like yogurt and granola) I have been making on a weekly basis. There is a group of bakers called BYOB who are committed to baking all of their own breads from scratch (or as many as possible). Somehow they escaped my notice last year, but I have happily joined them for 2011.

I've decided to create a space to record all of my from-scratch, used-to-be-purchased foods (I borrowed this idea from Di) ~ partly to keep me accountable and partly because I'm curious to see what a year looks like!

January 2011
1/2/11 pain de mie (Mellow Bakers)
1/2/11 KA granola
1/15/11 pasta (spaghetti and fettucine)
1/15/11 yogurt
1/16/11 golden raisin bread (Mellow Bakers)
1/29/11 toast bread (Mellow Bakers)

February 2011
2/5/11 whole wheat with multigrain soaker (Mellow Bakers)
2/6/11 pizza (foccacia dough from Modern Baker)
2/15/11 KA granola
2/18/11 pizza (MB foccacia dough)
2/18/11 pain de mie w/ whole wheat flour
2/19/11 yogurt
2/23/11 simple milk loaf (Dan Lepard)
2/28/11 Normandy apple bread (Mellow Bakers)

March 2011
3/7/11 ciabatta with 40% whole grain (ABED)
3/13/11 ghee
3/13/11 aloo paratha (Mellow Bakers)
3/16/11 Sally Lunn bread (via Smitten Kitchen)
3/18/11 1 lb egg pasta (from Food and Wine's Pasta)
3/19/11 pain a l'ancienne (ABED)
3/22/11 naan
3/26/11 puff pastry (Bake!)
3/31/11 sourdough loaf (Mellow Bakers disaster)

April 2011
4/3/11 brat buns (ABED from freezer)
4/5/11 rainbow ice cream (DL's Phil vanilla w/ m-n-ms)
4/7/11 chocolate brownie ice cream***
4/8/11 brat/burger rolls (ABED soft bread)
4/9/11 pain au levain w/ whole wheat (Mellow Bakers)
4/10/11 sweet tart dough (Mod Baker)
4/15/11 best vanilla ice cream (DL's Perfect Scoop)***
4/17/11 flaxseed bread (Mellow Bakers)
4/18/11 pain de mie
4/19/11 1/2 pound egg pasta (PASTA book, for chicken noodle soup)
4/22/11 chocolate ice cream (DL's Perfect Scoop)
4/24/11 walnut, currant, fig, rosemary, fennel whole wheat bread (Mellow Bakers)
4/26/11 hoagie rolls (ABED)
4/27/11 strawberry frozen yogurt (DL's Perfect Scoop)
4/28/11 DL's perfect pita bread
4/29/11 DL's perfect pita bread
4/29/11 Hamburger and hot dog buns (ABED)

May 2011
5/4/11 Rocky road ice cream w/ Chocolate Philadelphia style (DL's Perfect Scoop)
5/4/11 hamburger buns (ABED)
5/4/11 pain rustique (Mellow Bakers)
5/7/11 strawberry frozen yogurt (DL's Perfect Scoop)***
5/10/11 brat buns (ABED)
5/13/11 burger buns (King Arthur beautiful burger buns)
5/15/11 bialys (JH's Bread)
5/15/11 tin roof sundae ice cream (DL's Perfect Scoop)***
5/17/11 all-purpose sweet dough/monkey muffins (ABED)
5/19/11 burger buns (King Arthur beautiful burger buns)
5/21/11 double-vanilla bourbon ice cream (DL via Fine Cooking)
5/22/11 five-grain with paté fermentée (Mellow Bakers)
5/23/11 pissaladière (Mellow Bakers)
5/23/11 strawberry frozen yogurt (DL's Perfect Scoop)
5/24/11 Dorie's chocolate ganache ice cream w/ mini-chips
5/28/11 doughnuts (ABED sweet dough, from freezer)
5/30/11 sausage and pepper calzones (pissaladiere and mysterious dough - both from freezer)
5/30/11 roasted hazelnut and prune bread (Mellow Bakers)

June 2011
6/1/11 burger buns (King Arthur beautiful burger buns)
6/2/11 vanilla bean ice cream (DL's Perfect Scoop)
6/4/11 Philadelphia-style vanilla (DL's Perfect Scoop)
6/5/11 hot dog buns (ABED)
6/12/11 strawberry chocolate chip frozen yogurt
6/14/11 semolina bread (Mellow Bakers)
6/16/11 Volkenbrot (Mellow Bakers)
6/21/11 cinnamon rolls (ABED all-purpose sweet dough)
6/23/11 cinnamon pull-apart bread (remainder of ABED all-purpose sweet dough)

July 2011
7/4/11 hot dog buns (ABED)
7/5/11 lemon curd ice cream (Sean and Kieran Murphy)
7/6/11 salty caramel ice cream (Jeni Britton Bauer)
7/7/11 potato bread with roasted onions (Mellow Bakers)
7/8/11 lemon curd ice cream
7/9/11 pizza dough (ABED neo-neopolitan)
7/11/11 croissants (ABED)
7/13/11 naan
7/14/11 mint oreo ice cream (via Tracey)
7/15/11 unkneaded, six-fold French bread (Mellow Bakers)
7/16/11 hot dog buns (ABED)
7/18/11 strawberry cheesecake ice cream (adapted from Cooking Light)
7/18/11 sourdough rye with walnuts and raisins (Mellow Bakers)
7/19/11 pain á l'ancienne (ABED)
7/21/11 hamburger buns (ABED, frozen dough)
7/22/11 olive levain (Mellow Bakers)
7/22/11 three-stage sourdough rye (Mellow Bakers)
7/22/11 chocolate pudding pops (Cooking Light)
7/23/11 tiger rolls (Bake!)
7/26/11 oatmeal cinnamon raisin bread (Mellow Bakers)
7/30/11 strawberry frozen yogurt (DL's Perfect Scoop)

August 2011
8/1/11 chocolate sorbet (Dorie via Di) 
8/4/11 focaccia (Mellow Bakers)
8/5/11 focaccia con formaggio (Mellow Bakers)
8/6/11 chocolate ganache ice cream with mini chocolate chips (Dorie)
8/6/11 puff pastry (Modern Baker)
8/7/11 hamburger buns and bierocks (ABED)
8/13/11 vanilla bean ice cream (Jeni via Food and Wine)
8/14/11 hamburger buns, frozen and parbaked (ABED)
8/17/11 chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (Alton Brown CCCs with Jeni's vanilla)
8/20/11 chocolate peanut butter ice cream with chocolate coated peanut butter cups (DL's Perfect Scoop + Jeni's magic shell)
8/23/11 lemon frozen yogurt w/ strawberry syrup (Jeni via Splendid Table)
8/27/11 mixed-flour miche (Mellow Bakers)
8/28/11 zesty pickles (6 jars)
8/29/11 zesty salsa (7 jars)
8/29/11 pesto (2 jars)
8/29/11 milkiest milk chocolate ice cream w/ chocolate chips (Jeni's Splendid IC)
8/29/11 black bread (Mellow Bakers)

September 2011
9/11/11 whole wheat bread with pecans and golden raisins (Mellow Bakers) 
9/18/11 whole wheat and whole rye bread (Mellow Bakers) 

October 2011
10/2/11 pumpkin knotted dinner rolls (BOM, PR)
10/8/11 pumpkin pie ice cream
10/8/11 thin-crusted pizza dough (Bake!)
10/15/11 berne brot (Mellow Bakers)
10/18/11 sesame bread sticks (Mellow Bakers)
10/22/11 Bake! thin crusted pizza dough
10/23/11 bourbon-toasted pecan ice cream (Jeni's Splendid IC)
10/26/11 sunflower seed bread with pate fermentee (Mellow Bakers)
10/30/11 roasted strawberry buttermilk ice cream (Jeni)
10/31/11 Ekmek (Bake!)

November 2011
11/8/11 roasted banana ice cream w/ chocolate covered peanut patties (DL, Jeni)
11/9/11 fougasse with green olives (Mellow Bakers)
11/11/11 baked cake donuts w/ chocolate glaze or cinnamon sugar (King Arthur)
11/12/11 cinnamon rolls (ABED sweet dough)
11/13/11 golden raisin and walnut bread (Mellow Bakers)
11/22/11 five-grain with rye sourdough (Mellow Bakers)
11/22/11 vanilla ice cream (Jeni)
11/23/11 vanilla ice cream (Jeni)
11/24/11 quick dinner rolls (KAF)
11/27/11 DL's pita bread

December 2011
12/11/11 semolina bread (Mellow Bakers)
12/12/11 thin-crust pizza (Bake!)
12/16/11 homemade marshmallows! 
12/17/11 bagels (ABED)
12/23/11 homemade caramels
12/24/11 vanilla ice cream (Jeni)
12/24/11 quick dinner rolls (KAF)
12/29/11 baguettes (ABED)
12/29/11 sandwich rolls (KAF)
12/30/11 vanilla ice cream (Jeni)

January 2012
1/1/12 vanilla ice cream (Jeni)
1/3/12 sandwich rolls (KAF, remainder of fridge dough)
1/3/12 66% sourdough rye (Mellow Bakers)
1/4/12 garlic levain (Mellow Bakers)
1/6/12 sourdough seed rye (Mellow Bakers)
1/8/12 bread bowls (KAF)
1/9/12 thin-crust pizza (Bake!)
1/10/12 hamburger buns (KAF)
1/12 dinner rolls (KAF)
1/12 giant white loaf (BwJ)
1/25/11 thin-crust pizza (Bake!)
1/25/12 English muffins (ABED)
1/26/12 chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (Jeni's vanilla)
1/27/12 ciabatta (ABED)

February 2012
2/5/12 thin-crust pizza (Bake!)
2/5/12 fridge soft dough (KAF)
2/7/12 vanilla ice cream (Jeni)
2/18/12 DL's milk loaf (recipe from Nancy)
2/19/12 DL's marshmallows
2/19/12 mint oreo ice cream (recipe from Tracey)

March 2012
thin crust pizza (Bake!)
lemon curd frozen yogurt
hamburger buns (KAF quick buns)
peppermint ice cream
lemon curd frozen yogurt

April 2012
pepperoni rolls (Cook's Country)
peppermint ice cream (Jeni's vanilla w/ vanilla extract and peppermint extract)
hamburger buns (KAF quick dough)
hot dog buns (KAF quick dough)
granola (CI)
hamburger buns (KAF quick dough)
pretzel dogs
no-knead bread (CI)
pain de mie w/ half whole wheat (Hamelman's Bread)
Jeni's vanilla ice cream
pure sourdough (ABED)

May 2012
Jeni's vanilla ice cream x2
hot dog buns (BBA white bread, var. 2)
ciabatta rolls (KAF)
bagels (ABED)
brioche / pecan stick buns (BwJ)
cream puffs (KAF)
hamburger buns (KAF quick dough)