Sunday, March 2, 2014

Seven! And a Lego-mini-figure

My little guy is somehow seven years old. For his birthday, he chose a quiet family party and a chocolate cake in the shape of a Lego mini-figure. I'll be honest - this week has been insane. Hubby and I were out of town until Monday night and we both had conferences until late Thursday night. I hadn't given the cake a second of thought until Friday after work. I looked online and found a Lego mini-figure cake pan...clearly I wadn't going to get one of those in time. So I asked to see one of his mini-figures, took a ruler, traced my 9x13 and my 8x8 cake pans onto a sheet of white paper, and began scaling to make a template. I was pretty proud of myself for how it came out! When he saw the template sitting on the counter, I got the hugest grin and biggest hug ever, with a sqealed, "Thanks, Mom!!! You're the best!!!"

I asked the birthday boy if he'd rather have his favorite marshmallow frosting, which is hard to frost with and wouldn't look as good, or a different frosting that would look better. He easily chose the marshmallow frosting, with support from his sister and dad. I told him he could choose three colors; he picked red, yellow, and gray (even though I said no one would want to eat gray frosting).

I over-baked the cake, I think, so it was dry and not all that great. But it looked pretty cool!


  1. Wait...where's the picture of the cake? It was very cool, and the gray frosting was just as good as the other colors. :)

  2. I am sure it was perfect and it looks adorable! Lucky little (okay, not so little) guy...7 already, wow. 17 not far away, you won't believe how fast the time goes. Enjoy enjoy! xo

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  4. Happy belated birthday to your little man! And he's right Abby, you ARE the best! That cake is a work of art! :)

  5. Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.

  6. Awesome tips! I wish I would have read your ideas pre starting my blog!