Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mellow Bakers: Sourdough rye with walnuts and raisins

Just could not get excited about this Mellow Bakers bread, so I scaled the recipe down and made one small loaf. Even my hubby, who normally looks forward to pretty much any new recipe I make, said, "You know, you can't just dump walnuts and raisins into a recipe and call it something different. This is just like all of the other sourdough ryes." I think we're both getting a little tired of this genre of bread, even with some that have been surprisingly good.

With a constant heat index of 110º F for the past three days, I couldn't bring myself to preheat the oven and my baking stone for an hour, so I decided to bake the bread at a lower temperature in a small loaf pan. It baked for 30 minutes at 350º F, and, with no steam, it was one of the most anemic-looking loaves I've ever made.

We tried it toasted, with a little butter; the sourdough, rye, raisin, and walnut flavors were all very distinct. It seemed a little weird to combine the sweetness of raisins with the strong sourdough rye flavor, and hubby called the walnuts "startling" (not in a good way). At any rate, it wasn't bad, but we were not big fans.


  1. I once accidentally baked one of the Hamelman breads at a much lower temperature, and only realized it when I took it out and, as you say, it looked totally anemic! (Interesting that it still was fully baked at such a lower temperature, but definitely not as nice).

    I like raisin and rye, so I was thinking this sounds good, but I haven't been around the Mellow Bakers too long and I'm guessing this isn't the first one then?

  2. This looks good to me, especially toasted! I could go for most any bread toasted and be a happy camper. If I ever get around to this, I am going to have to think very carefully...I usually trust others' judgments as one can not judge just by looking at nice picture!

  3. The slices do look good, especially with the nice plump raisins! I love them in warm bread. I've only made one of the sourdough ryes so far so maybe I'll like this one, however if I use the walnuts I don't think my hubby is going to eat it. Looks like a good breakfast bread!

  4. But it does look very pretty, Abby! :)