Saturday, May 28, 2011

Frying, part 2: homemade corn dogs

I made a batch of Peter Reinhart's all-purpose sweet dough (from ABED) a couple of weeks ago, pretty much just for fun. I used half of it for my monkey muffin experiment, and then split the other half into a 500 g and a 250 g batch to freeze.

Last night, I pulled out the 500 g, and this morning I made a batch of homemade doughnuts for my bookclub (and my hubby...and my kids...and me).

There was already a pan full of oil and my house already smelled like deep frying, so I decided to try this intriguing recipe for corn dogs that Freida posted last week. (Not our healthiest day ever: doughnuts for breakfast, corn dogs for lunch.)

I followed Freida's recipe, and my batter was even thicker than hers in her pictures. We had a bit of difficulty getting it to stick to the little hot dogs; eventually, my hubby ended up almost painting it on. We discovered that less is more; just a thin coating of batter made a perfect corn dog. I also only cooked mine for about a minute until they were beautifully golden.

These seriously tasted just like State Fair corn dogs...soooo tasty and so much fun! Thanks, Freida!


  1. Yum!!! Oh, do those look good! Corn dogs are my absolute favorite fair food, but I've never gotten the courage to try making myself. I guess I should use some of that peanut oil in my cupboard. Thank you for posting these!

  2. I love corn dogs! I've never attempted them at home, however, and I think it's probably a good thing I only have one once a year. Yours look exactly like the kind we get from the vendors at the Stampede - which is a good thing! : )

  3. Woo hoo! You did it! Your dogs look great! I'm glad I posted a picture of the batter; it's really trial and error to get it "just right," but man, oh man, is it worth it!!

  4. These look super yummy. Have never had corn dogs, my kids would be thrilled, I think.