Thursday, July 1, 2010

Modern Baker: Quickbread Recap

The Modern Baker Challenge (baking through Nick Malgieri's The Modern Baker) assigns three months to each section of the book. Some people are baking through every recipe, others are just baking as many as they can.

I'd really hoped to bake most - if not all - of the recipes in our first section (quick breads). However, with the crazy pace that comes with the end of the school year, combined with finishing the BBA Challenge and keeping up with the Mellow Bakers, I ended up only baking about half of the recipes. Hopefully I'll get to the rest of them at some point!

Part of the problem may have also been the butterscotch scones . . . I made those so frequently that they got in the way of making anything else! Cheesy

Anyway, here's my summary of the first three months:

Will make again!

Might make again

Still need to try
1. Fennel fig and almond bread, p. 42
2. Whole wheat currant bread, p. 46
3. Date walnut bread, p. 47
4. Spicy jalapeno cornbread, p. 50
5. Ginger scones with almond topping, p. 54
6. Irish soda bread muffins, p. 59
7. Sweet rusks for dunking, p. 62

Next up: Breads (July - September). My official bread for this section is Fougasse: Pierced French Flatbread, so stay tuned!


  1. Fun to view your little recap. I am thinking where I would put each of these recipes if I made the list. Your posts were great!

  2. Nice idea to make a recap. I made 11 out of the 15 recipes and will make the 12th recipe (Triple Chocolate Scones) soon. I'll skip the remaining three because they don't really sound appealing to me (whole wheat currant bread, sweat rusks for dunking and Irish soda bread muffins).

  3. Yes, those butterscotch scones will get you! I like the recap. Good idea. See you in Breads!