Thursday, May 20, 2010

Butterscotch scones, take 2

After my rave review of The Modern Baker's butterscotch scones, is it possible they could be even better?!

Reading Renee's post (at Every Pot and Pan), she wrote:
However, I forgot Phyl's reminder that this recipe calls for salted butter. Salted butter is used so infrequently in recipes I make that I don't even look for it in a recipe. Nick Malgieri says, "to my mind, good butterscotch always has a hint of saltiness".
Um, salted butter? Like Renee, I never even bother to look, always assuming that a recipe will call for unsalted butter.

Well, of course I had to try them the *right* way to see the difference! Besides, after hubby finished the last two scones yesterday, he said, "Um, you posted in your blog that these were really easy. Does that mean you could make them again soon?" And then he got really good news about his job today, so clearly we had to celebrate . . . right?

Unfortunately (not really!), I was almost out of butterscotch chips, so I had to (had to) use half butterscotch chips and half chocolate chips.

Oh me, oh my! Yes, it's possible they could be even better.


  1. CC Butterscotchie scones! What a great combo!

  2. So do you think they were better because of the salted butter or because of the addition of chocolate chips?

  3. Oh goodness, they do get better?! Well, I'll just have to add salted butter to my grocery list this weekend! My husband will be thrilled. He absolutely loved these. You temptress with those chocolate chips too!

  4. I'm all about the research...thanks for doing it on this one! Good to know. I should get there soon, kind of going in order, although I did the Irish Soda Bread Muffins out of order as I wanted to do them on my Irish Granny's birthday. Your scones look wonderful.