Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mellow Bakers: Whole wheat with multigrain soaker

My second February bread for Mellow Bakers is another sandwich loaf (hubby says he's ready to get back to ciabattas and baguettes...maybe next month!). We have the choice between three whole wheats: a plain whole wheat, whole wheat with hazelnuts and currants, and whole wheat with multigrain soaker.

I've already established that I love a good multigrain (and I generally dislike both fruit in my bread and hazelnuts in general), so this was an easy choice.

I used oats, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, corn meal, and wheat bran in my soaker and let it soak overnight. I also made a pre-ferment, which sat out for about 16 hours.

The final dough included whole wheat flour, bread flour (so it wasn't a 100% wholegrain), instant yeast, salt, and water, along with the soaker and the pre-ferment. I'd made half the recipe and baked it in my largest loaf pan (a 10"). I think it probably would have fit better in my 9x5; the loaf was a little short.

We really enjoyed the flavor of this one...made great sandwiches for lunch!


  1. Envious of all these breads you make with such ease and all the knowledge you have about it all. It looks beautiful and delicious.

  2. Good choices for your soaker grains. I'm not sure what I'm using yet. I like multigrain breads, but I don't like any hard pieces of grain in it. I hope this bread tastes as good as PR's Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire. Your sandwich looks wonderful!!

  3. Great work, I used the recommended grains from the bread and was pleased

  4. I must make this one too - that looks just the thing for healthy sandwiches :)

  5. I think I want to make the multigrain soaker variation, too. I LOVED the BBA multigrain extraordinaire!

  6. Your loaf sounds delicious. I'm looking forward to making this version as well. I also really liked the BBA multigrain extraordinaire.