Monday, January 3, 2011

Modern Baker: Chicken Pot Pie

We had a lazy New Year's day ~ a sick little girl and freezing temperatures made going outside seem entirely unnecessary. Inspired by several people tweeting about a Modern Baker savory tart, I decided to browse through the next section of the book.

I have a big sweet tooth, but I'm excited to be entering a savory section of the cookbook ~ especially one filled with so many egg-based tarts; I really enjoy quiche-y dishes.

I didn't have the ingredients on hand for the corn tart that others were baking, but I did have the ingredients for the chicken pot pie, so I decided to make it for dinner. The stock uses chicken thighs, water, thyme, salt, and a bay leaf, and then carrots and onions later on. For the pie, you layer the chicken and veggies, followed by frozen veggie, and then the stock which has been mixed with cream and reduced. Finally, you make biscuits which get plopped onto the top, and the whole thing bakes for 25 minutes.

The broth was yummy and the chicken and veggies both had a great flavor. Unfortunately, the biscuits never really browned, even though I left the pie in the oven for additional time; and when we cut into them, they were undercooked in the middle. I was also surprised by how liquidy the pie was; we had to use a slotted spoon to extract all of the meat and vegetables.

So I probably won't make this one again. I have a stand-by pot pie recipe, which I make once every couple of weeks and which we love. While it does take a bit more work with chopping and sauteeing, it really doesn't take any additional time. On to the next recipe!


  1. Bummer it wasn't the best. I'd love to get your stand-by recipe too. I was excited to try this one as I think I need a stand-by pot pie recipe.

  2. That looks good...I am hoping that it is good as I have that marked to make next week. I am giggling at how organized you have the complete list of ingredients for a chicken pot pie and yet you cannot come up with the corn tart ingredients (which is basically just corn and a few minor players) my house, I would be able to pull the corn tart together but need one if not more trips to the grocery to remember all the things for the chicken pot pie. Are you still snowed in up there, btw? Our snow is gone for the time being. I put a NO Trespassing sign to discourage its return.

  3. I am sorry that it turn out the greatest. I have had issues with my chicken pot pie recipe, so I would be also interested in getting your stand-by recipe.

  4. I second Kayte's thought - had to giggle when I read you had all the ingredients for the chicken pot pie by coincidence. This would never ever happen at my house ;o). Good to hear you were not really convinced of this pie - I was hesitant about making it, and now I think I tend more towards the "don't make" pole.