Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Modern Baker Challenge: Triple Chocolate Scones

Another easy recipe from The Modern Baker, thanks to my handy-dandy food processor. This was really similar to the other scones and biscuits, except for the additions of milk chocolate (I only had semi-sweet), cocoa powder, and chopped bittersweet chocolate (I used 60%). The scones came together easily in the processor and were easy to pat into circles and cut into triangles. And they smelled wonderful.

These were not as sweet as I was expecting; they were very dark. I guess it's not too surprising, especially with my semi-sweet chocolate substitution. Maybe I should have/could have increased the sugar beyond the called-for 1/4 cup or waited until I had milk chocolate on hand.

But when we tried them with a small dollop of vanilla ice cream at my book club . . . oh my goodness, they were to die for! Hubby also said they were absolutely perfect with a cup of coffee this morning.

Another successful recipe for the Modern Baker Challenge. Here's the official post by Renee at Every Pot and Pan.


  1. Okay, I won't lie to you b/c the more you know me, the more you will be on to me that I don't like chocolate at all in any way shape or form. So, I can't say these look beautiful and gorgeous and have you believe me. That said, my guys will LOVE these...all that rich dark chocolate in a scone, what's not for them to love? I am sure they are will hear shouts of joy from my kitchen from them when I make them. Yes, you will. I am sure they would devour yours if given the chance.

  2. Wow, yours came out quite dark. Mine were much lighter colored, but it sounds like we were both surprised by the soft sweetness. Yes, this is definitely a keeper recipe. I can't think of anything they wouldn't go with!

  3. These scones with vanilla icecream sound great. I think I start icecream season in my house soon!