Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wordlessish Wednesday: Gift bags

Gift bags for preschool teachers and our co-workers.
Hot-chocolate-on-a-stick (to dissolve in milk or just eat plain):
idea, cocoa blocks, marshmallows, and
candy cane biscotti dipped in white and dark chocolate.
And many thanks to Di for gift bag inspiration. :)


  1. What cute little gift bags!! I really love the hot-chocolate-on-a-stick idea. How'd you find the time to make all that? Did you have little helpers?

  2. I think you found the same blue snowflake ribbon that I used. =) Everything looks great.

  3. Those are so cute...I just love it when people include packaging! I am so not creative that I depend on people like you to show me how it's all done.