Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sour cream brownies (Modern Baker)

My bookclub enjoyed the brownies paired with homemade marshmallows.

My fourth Nick Malgieri brownie recipe is another from the cookies & bars section of The Modern Baker. This one is made with technique similar to the others (truffle, Florida, and cocoa nib), but includes the addition of sour cream and walnuts. I knew that most of the people I was baking for (my kiddos and my debaters) wouldn't eat the nut version, so I actually made the recipe walnut-free and then stirred walnuts into the batter in one corner of the pan.

For all of the other brownie recipes, the 30 minute cooking time seemed perfect (even when I only made a half-recipe in an 8x8 pan), but for this one, I wondered if they might have been slightly over-baked. The toothpick test came out mostly clean. Nevertheless, these were a big hit with the kids, hubby, friends, and students. The one brownie I sampled okay; these were definitely my least favorite of his brownies...not that that's saying much, since the rest are so out-of-this-world fantastic!


  1. I really liked these brownies. A nice classic. And, it isn't terrible to have a brownie recipe that you like but don't love because then you can make them for other people and the pan will actually arrive not half eaten!

  2. Mine came out as yours did, but since I don't know a thing about how they are supposed to taste or whatever, I figured that was just normal. Then I read where it was supposed to be mushy and figured I didn't do it right. Either way, it didn't matter as Mark loved these just the way I made them. They were gone in no time and I made some others for the Christmas trays. Oh, Merry Christmas! Just in case you haven't heard it enough today. Nice brownies.