Sunday, December 11, 2011

Semolina bread (Mellow Bakers)

Even after all of this time, sometimes the miracle of bread baking just gets me. Tonight, sitting at the dinner table, eating yummy winter veggie soup and pillowy fresh semolina bread, I kind of couldn't believe that the idea to have bread and soup for dinner hadn't occurred to me until 9 a.m. this morning!

When the dinner idea occurred to me, I searched my final five! remaining Mellow Bakers for a nice one-day recipe; there was one left: semolina (duram) bread. There was also an option with a whole-grain soaker, but the kids aren't been fans of seeds, so I went with the simpler version.

I made the sponge out of duram flour, bread flour, warm water, yeast, and sugar. I let it rise for a little over an hour, and then combined it with the rest of the duram flour, bread flour, water, and some salt and olive oil. The dough was given one fold half-way through the bulk fermentation. Inspired by the BBA pane siciliano, I shaped this into a long baguette and then curled it into an S.

We loved it! The bread was soft and pillowy with an excellent flavor; it paired beautifully with the soup.


  1. Beautiful. Inside and out, just really gorgeous and lovely.

  2. I've only made bread a handful of times but I'm also always so impressed with myself and how just a few simple ingredients are turned into something so home-y and delicious. This bread looks awesome! :)

  3. I love this bread and the way you have shaped it. Beautiful loaf and one of my favourites too of the ones we have baked together :)

  4. I love semolina bread! I think I'm going to go pull my book off the shelf and check this one out. Your loaf is gorgeous--I love the S shape.