Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Potato chip cookies?!

Yesterday, I saw some of my Twitter pals discussing this recipe from King Arthur Flour for potato chip cookies. I happened to be on my way to the grocery store and happened to have taken today off of work to play with the kiddos: potato chip cookies sounded just intriguing enough to try.

In my family, we don't believe that cookies without chocolate chips should exist, so I added a sprinkling of mini chocolate chips. I'm not sure we would've liked them without the chocolate, but with the chips, they had the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Hubby said, "It's like when you're eating a chocolate chip cookie and then it's too sweet so you need to grab a handful of chips only they're already in the cookie!"

I made these with an original kettle chip, and they weren't very salty. I think next time, I'd up the anty by using a saltier chip: kettle chips with sea salt, maybe, or hubby even suggested salt and vinegar chips.


  1. Seriously, I was thinking of adding really hot spicy chips to the dough because hubby likes spicy food, but then I thought that would be too weird. But then, there exists chocolate with added chile peppers! So maybe I should give this recipe another try - I was so disappointed with my version that I won't even blog about it.

  2. Oh, salt and vinegar chips...why didn't I think of that one!! Back to the kitchen I go with the salt and vinegar chip idea! We loved these cookies, and we added chocolate chips as well. Matt ate five before he came up for air declaring them wonderful...requests for more are already on the table. Fun baking with you...even though it took me longer to get to it than I had originally planned!