Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bake! Chocolate chip cookies

This week's Bake! recipe was chosen by Andrea, and she selected chocolate chip cookies. According to Nick Malgieri, these are the ORIGINAL chocolate chip cookie, based on the original Toll House recipe.

In this house, we love cookies, we love chocolate, we love chocolate chip cookies...this was a no-brainer. I will admit that I haven't experimented much with chocolate chip cookie recipes since I discovered our perfect recipe, which is based on the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook's recipe.

Like Phyl and Andrea before me, I left out the walnuts, agreeing that they don't belong in chocolate chip cookies. NM says to make sure your butter is softened, but not too much or you'll end up with flat cookies; my butter was barely soft at all and my cookies were still really flat. I experimented with cooking times: 10, 11, or 12 minutes. They were varying degrees of golden to deep golden. Usually, I like softer, thicker cookies, but the ones that cooked a little longer had an awesome, chewy, almost toffee-y quality that was pretty addictive.

These were totally unlike our usual chocolate chip cookie, but were so good in their own right. I'm not sure I'd make them for gifts or a gathering, as their looks were very unpredictable. But I'm positive we'll make them again for us!


  1. Will you let me know your perfect recipe? Please... Had to giggle when I read the looks were unpredictable - so right!

  2. They look pretty good! Okay, better than pretty good.

  3. I have got to get a handle on the Bake! recipes. This has not been a good month for getting caught up, but after this weekend, there are no swim meets until May! A whole month to catch up with no weekends for swim meets. Your cookies look wonderful and I am jealous of that stack, mine always fall over when I try to do that.

  4. They're gorgeous Abby! I'm with ap269 though...that "perfect" recipe would be so appreciated! *Ü* Miss you at Thirty Minute Thursdays, but there is only so much of any of us to go around!