Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pizza rustica (TWD: BwJ)

I'm not sure how it's April already, but here we are: the first Tuesday of the month! Our first April Tuesdays with Dorie recipe is pizza rustica by our very own (Modern Baker Challenge and Bake!) Nick Malgieri!

This recipe (or maybe April itself) sneaked up on me, but luckily it's the kind of recipe where you can realize you need to make it at 8 a.m. at work, send the hubby to the grocery store at 3 p.m. for a couple of key ingredients, and still be eating dinner by 5:30.

Pizza rustica is made with a sweet dough, which is quickly mixed in the food processor and handles like a dream. Into the crust goes a mixture of cheese (ricotta), more cheese (Romano), even more cheese (mozzarella), and meat (prosciutto). I wanted to make the recipe as written the first time, but I know some of the other TWDers experimented with adding veggies, and I would love to do that next time: some onions, spinach, maybe a pepper. Yum! You may be thinking that it doesn't sound like pizza, and you'd be right; it's much more like a quiche. Luckily, some of the TWDers had been talking about that very fact, so I named it "quiche" when describing it to the family and no one was disappointed.

I know the sweet crust-salty/savory filling was weird for some people, but with my big sweet tooth, I thought it was quite tasty! The hubby loved it. In fact, he's pretty sad that I need it for my lunches this week and he won't be able to eat it every day for breakfast. The kids, never fans of foods with ricotta, didn't like the filling, but both ate pieces of the crust like it was a cookie.

For the recipe, buy a copy of Baking with Julia, or check out today's hosts: Emily of Capitol Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home.


  1. Abby,it really looks wonderful. You did a great job with this challenge. I've just spent some time browsing through some of your other posts as well.
    I really enjoyed the food and recipes you share with your readers and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Nice looking pie!! Your lattice top looks great! I can't believe you made it that fast. I'm pretty slow at these things. I'm glad you guys liked it. Too bad hubby couldn't have more, as I think it would have made a nice breakfast. We ate one half of our pie for dinner the first night and then ate the other half the next night. We thought it was just as good the second night heated up in the oven and I was really happy not to have to cook.

  3. Nice details in you lattice! I joined Mellow Bakers after learning about them on your blog last month. Thanks!

  4. That looks great, Abby. I don't think I actually told anyone here the name of what I was making, so there wasn't any of the "pizza" confusion. It went over reasonable well here, so we might actually have it again at some point. =)

  5. It looks very nice.
    (I just told everyone it was a ricotta pie, so they just accepted it...)

  6. I liked the crust, but not with the combination of the sweet crust and rather bland fillings, so I'm going to try it again sometime soon with different fillings inside :)

    Alice @ http://acookingmizer.wordpress.com

  7. This pizza/quiche sounds terrific, especially the fact that you pulled it together so quickly. What a great meal!

  8. I never knew so many people didn't like ricotta until this TWD. To me, it's like what's not to like!? Creamy, dreamy delicious in my opinion but then again I hate a lot of things other people love (broccoli, nuts, pickles, etc). Glad you liked it as much a we did!