Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ice cream week cones

Today's theme for Phyl's ice cream week is sorbet or other non-dairy frozen treats. I didn't make sorbet. But I didn't want to be left out. So I'm posting a non-dairy treat FOR frozen treats. :-)
A year ago, my friend Di posted about getting her own waffle cone maker and I became obsessed. Which is funny, because I have never liked cones; I always order my ice cream in a cup. But suddenly, waffle cones sounded soooo good and I began ordering them whenever we went out.
Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and use some of my remaining birthday money to buy a waffle cone maker. Well, after a lot of soul-searching ;-) and researching, I actually bought a pizzelle maker to use for waffle cones. The waffle cone makers come in 7-inch, which seemed huge for the kids, or 3-inch, which sounded too tiny to be worth it. Pizzelles are 5-inches, which seemed just about perfect. Plus my mother-in-law makes pizzelles each Christmas and I love her recipe (hint hint), so this way, I can make my own and I'm not spending money on a single-use appliance. Ta da!
I tried Jeni's recipe (Di posted it here). It was so much fun. I made cones and little bowls, and not only did we love them with ice cream, but they were amazing by themselves as cookies. I ate an embarrassing number by myself.
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  1. Yay for homemade cones! They really are so much fun to make. =) BTW, that sorbet was actually my "summer fruit" post for the week. I finally posted my official sorbet a couple minutes ago -

  2. Oh Dear. Is there another gadget now I will have to have. They make such pretty cones.

  3. Oh boy. I'm dying to learn to make ice cream cones...I've been resisting buying another gadget, but maybe it's a necessity? (Ice cream makers should just come with a cone maker, I think...)

  4. I always order my ice cream in a cup as well, but these do look fun, and a case can always be made for something being delicious and special and good because you made it!! These look pretty in that pizzelle maker. I love pizzelles...can't wait for that post...can you do that before Christmas so I can put one of those on my Christmas list?