Monday, January 30, 2012

Coconut pecan chocolate chunk bars (Modern Baker)

I'm just loving the cookie section from The Modern Baker. The only problem is figuring out which recipe to try next!

Luckily, Kayte saved me this time, posting this amazing picture of NM's coconut pecan chocolate chunk bars. Once hubby caught a glimpse, he was in full support of my stopping everything to make them immediately.

These have a taste reminiscent of seven layer bars, but with a cleaner, better flavor. They start with a buttery dough pressed into the pan and baked lightly. The topping is made with brown sugar, eggs, sugar, vanilla, coconut, pecans, and chocolate (I used a combination of chopped 60% and semi-sweet chocolate chips).

NM says to store them at room temperature, but I saw that Margaret had put hers in the fridge to firm up, so I went that route.

While these were yummy straight from the oven, chilled, they were ah-maz-ing! Definitely a new favorite around here.


  1. I like how this is all my! I probably should have firmed them up as well, but the guys weren't willing to wait. I was lucky to get them out of the oven, cut, and onto plates for them. They did like them a lot. I thought they were easy enough to make as well. Thing I like about 7 layer bars is that I can easily turn part of that pan into 6 layers bars, bet you can guess which layer gets left off that part, right? ;-) I could probably do something similar with these. Great photo of your bars! We like to keep Eric happy.

  2. OMG - those look so good. I would make them in a heartbeat if it weren't for the nut allergies in the house. At least I can live vicariously thru other food blogs. : ) Though right now it feels a little like torture.

  3. I was craving these when Kayte posted the, and now they're drawing me in even more. These have all of my favorite ingredients in them. I've never tried to chill bars like this before, but now I'll definitely give that a try.