Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mellow Bakers: Ciabatta with Poolish (December)

My first December bread for the Mellow Bakers is ciabatta. We have three choices: ciabatta with poolish, ciabatta with biga, and ciabatta with olive oil and wheat germ. Based on the recommendation of Natashya, who baked all three, I decided to try the poolish version.

We are buried under 17 inches of snow, so there's not much to do but bake. And what better than bread to go with a warm bowl of soup?

The recipe was easy, although (as usual) my bread did not need to bake for as long as  specified in the recipe.

We loved this beautifully-holed, perfect-tasting ciabatta.


  1. Perfect bread to eat with soup - gorgeous crumb shot! Maybe I can make this in the bit after Christmas... thinking.... 17 inches of snow is a massive amount of snow, how do you function?

  2. This looks perfect! My first bread this month was the semolina bread (yum), and I can't wait to give the ciabattas a try.

  3. That looks perfect! I really need to do some Mellow Baking this week, especially since I'm totally out of bread.