Sunday, December 6, 2009

#17: Lavash crackers

Oops...just went to take my lavash crackers out of the oven and all of my toppings slid off. Reread the final steps and yep, sure enough, I was supposed to mist the top of the crackers with water first.

Is this because I wasn't that excited about making them in the first place?

Making the crackers was actually pretty fun. The dough was simple: just mix everything together and knead! I even had two little assistants in the kitchen:

I was having some problems getting the dough to get to the smooth and supple stage.

Luckily I had a couple of little things to do, so I covered it with a towel, came back in 5 minutes: smooth, supple, windowpane, and perfect temperature! I've got to remember to do that whenever dough isn't behaving!

I let it rise for almost two hours and then went to roll it out. I was a little nervous about the dough sticking to the counter, as that happens all of the time on our counter tops. But the dough was really easy to work with. I let it rest a couple of times to give it time to relax, and I was able to get it pretty thin (although I'm not perfectionist enough to get it totally even...oh well!). Topped it with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, paprika, and kosher salt. (Of course, apparently none of those toppings will stick.)

The crackers smell pretty good, and I have the ingredients for hummus sitting around, so...we'll see!

.......Thank goodness for only a 10-minute out-of-the-oven wait time! I think they're pretty good! A little bland, since 95% of the spices fell off, but good crunch and good flavor. Totally can see how they'd be a perfect vehicle for hummus - that's next on the list for tonight...assuming I ever get any of my work finished!


  1. My sample bite was good, and I can see how it would be better with a little more spice actually sticking! Nice to see that you had help!

  2. Loved the photo of your dough before and after the rest - isn't it amazing what a little time will do to the dough? I now incorporate this resting time in every bread that I make... Works so well!

  3. My wife's favorite cracker. I guess I will have to break down and buy BBA, even though I am still a little overwhelmed by Hamelman's 'Bread'.