Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BBA #10!!! Corn Bread

Woo hoo, I've made it through 10 breads! Thankfully, given the current stress of life, #10 was a quick bread, the only one in the book. Peter Reinhart says he included it because it's the best corn bread recipe ever. That's a good enough reason for me!

I decided to go mainly with the measuring cup route, since quick breads are nothing new to me and I know you don't have to be quite as precise to be successful. But I decided to use the scale for the dry ingredients to save myself some dishes....wanna hear how that decision bit me on the butt? I wasn't paying close enough attention and put in .5 oz salt instead of .25 and then had to try to scrape out little bits of salt - without removing any of the flour - until the scale went back down. Oh the joys of trying to save a step.

Anyway, this corn bread recipe starts with bacon grease at the bottom of a pan (I used my cast iron skillet) and ends with sprinkling crumbled bacon on top - what could be bad?! With the exception of having to soak the corn meal overnight, and the fact that it used 5,963 bowls (well, just four), this was really easy to make. (Baked for 40 minutes: perfectly done.) Cutting into it, it smelled like corn...I'm not sure I've ever made corn bread that actually smells like corn before, and I've been searching for a good corn bread recipe for a long time. And it tastes like corny, cakey, sweet, bacony goodness. This could be a meal in itself. Not a bread I would personally gobble up, but hubby had two pieces immediately and is planning to eat more for breakfast; he said it's the best corn bread ever!


  1. This pan looks cool! I don't think we can get those here in Germany. And your bread looks very yummy, too. I wasn't successful with my cornbread at all. I made muffins and they were really gummy. Not tasty at all :o(.

  2. I hate to admit this, since I do not need the extra sugar, but that cornbread looks like it would be perfect for breakfast with a little maple syrup...