Thursday, April 21, 2011

Modern Baker Challenge: Banana walnut tart

Hubby says this tart is like being the slowest guy on the US Olympic 4x100 relay team: it's our least favorite of the Modern Baker tarts so far, but that's not saying much given how ultra-amazing the others have been. It's still pretty good.

I had enough sweet tart dough left for two mini tarts; I decided to make one banana walnut tart and one roman almond and pine nut tart.

The filling for the banana walnut tart came together more quickly than any of the others so far: brown sugar, walnuts, softened butter, egg, cinnamon, vanilla, flour, and baking powder are all mixed in the food processor. A banana is sliced and placed on the crust floor; the filling is poured over the bananas; chopped walnuts are placed on top. I made 1/4 of the filling recipe and used it all...this was a little mistake, as the filling overflowed just a bit in the oven (didn't make that big of a mess, though). I baked it for 26 minutes, until the tart was golden and set.

The sweet, jammy bananas were yummy, the walnuts provided a nice crunch. I doubt I'll make it again, but only because there are already so many of the must-redo-and-soon list.


  1. LOL...we were just talking, I kid you not about that Olympic 4x100 Relay team and the slowest are still on the fastest relay team in the world...Matt loves that re swimming. Your tart looks amazing...I am ready to go with that one, but probably won't get the post done tonight. Just getting ready to eat birthday cake when Matt comes back from serving at church...the servers are always the last to finish as they have to put everything away! Loved the tart, it was a surprise for us as well!

  2. I love your description of this tart, and I think i'd end up with the same verdict. So, I might skip it and settle on one of the others!

  3. I think this will the next one on my list - sounds like it tastes really good!

  4. Yea, I won't be making this one. Bananas and I aren't friends.