Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Food Day, 2013

One of my favorite recent meals: turkey chili (made with dried beans), whole wheat skillet cornbread with corn kernels and served with local raw honey, broccoli slaw, green salad, and apple slices from the orchard.

So here's a funny little story for you.

On Wednesday, I had an absolutely horrible day. It started with a 20 minute temper tantrum from the little girl as we were trying to get out of the house (because she lost the race to see who could put on their shoes first). And my day at work made the temper tantrum seem fun.

By the time I got home, I told the hubby, "If ever there was a day for cheating on October Unprocessed, it would be today. I just want to go out to eat and have someone else make dinner and clean up." Hubby readily agreed. "Buuuuut," I continued, "today is national Food Day, and it is THE day to celebrate real food with a homemade meal. So I need to make dinner."

Hubby said, "Seriously, what is more important: your mental health or some made-up holiday that takes place on an arbitrary day?"

"Food Day, of course," I answered, and proceeded to get out all of the ingredients to make our Food Day soup: butternut squash, corn, carrots, kale, quinoa, homemade chicken broth, organic cage-free chicken (original recipe from Cooking Light). I didn't have the energy to make any fancy sides, but we had fresh fruit, crackers and cheese that pass the kitchen test, and organic yogurt. I was surprised by how delicious the soup was; even the picky little ones loved it. Yay me!

At bedtime, the little girl asked me what day it was. "Thursday, October 24," I answered. "No it's not," my hubby broke in; "it's October 23rd."

Whaaaaaaaat?!? But Food Day is October 24th!!! Argh...I banged my head against my daughter's bed until finally she said, "Don't worry, Mom; in my imaginary land, Food Day is October 23rd."

So for the real Food Day, I didn't have any fresh veggies or local foods. But we did enjoy a homemade unprocessed dinner: whole wheat pancakes with frozen fruit, grapes and apples, cage-free organic scrambled eggs, whole wheat biscuits, and sausage gravy. Not quite as impressive, but equally delicious.

And still, a homemade, unprocessed meal, cooked with love and eaten around our family table...and that's what celebrating real food is really all about, isn't it?

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