Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chocolate-filled Napoleons (Modern Baker Challenge)

For my dad's birthday dinner on Thursday, I'd made two puff pastry layers. But because my hubby and baby girl don't like raspberries, I decided to turn one of the layers into chocolate-filled Napoleons, another puff pastry recipe for the Modern Baker Challenge.

NM's instructions indicate forming these into rectangles or squares, but my puff pastry layer wasn't big enough for two of my 8x8 pans, so I decided to go with circles and cut out two 6" rounds.

The mousse is made with heavy cream whipped with Grand Marnier, a meringue made with egg whites, sugar, unflavored gelatin, and cold water, and finally some melted bittersweet chocolate (I used 60%).

Assembly is easy: puff pastry, mousse, and puff pastry. A half-recipe completely filled my 6" round cake pan and left a little left over...hubby and I were not sad about that! =)

This was ah-maze-ing! After dessert, the little guy and baby girl wandered around our tailgating table, using their fingers to scrape out everyone's bowls, looking for tidbits of chocolate left on anyone's spoon. Even the birthday boy, who doesn't like chocolate, thought this was a yummy dessert. I, an admitted chocoholic, could've eaten a vat of the stuff. =)

Check out Margaret's beautiful Napoleons!


  1. Someone who doesn't like chocolate ate this? So cute about V&A going in search of more...I think you should put this on your regular rotation list with that sort of endorsement! Like the look of doing it in the round, interesting and pretty.

  2. I like the idea of the contrast between the crisp pastry and light mousse. I might have to make some puff pastry, after seeing you guys making lots of stuff with it. =)

  3. Yes, I made this one too recently and it is fantastic!! I'll share that vat with you. :-)

  4. Looks great! And I agree -- the mousse was worth plate, bowl, and spoon licking!

  5. I'd love to taste this, but only if you make some for me! Way too much work for lazy ole me. Glad it was a runaway hit at your house.