Thursday, January 12, 2012

Honey peanut wafers (Modern Baker Challenge)

The other night, I posed this question to my husband: "Should I go to bed early or stay up for a bit and bake some cookies?" Can you guess how he responded? Yeah, kind of a no-brainer.......

Still, it was close to bedtime, so I wanted something quick and easy. I paged through my Modern Baker book and found just the thing: honey peanut wafers, a cookie on my to-do list that doesn't require softened butter or a mixer.

In fact, this cookie is incredibly easy. The only ingredient that might not be in your pantry already is honey-roasted peanuts. But if you pick up a canister to have on-hand, you'll be able to decide to bake cookies, preheat the oven, mix them up, bake them all, do the dishes, eat a couple, and still be in bed in an hour. That's what I did!

First, you whisk flour and baking soda in a small bowl. Then in another bowl, you whisk an egg, honey, and melted butter. Fold in the flour and then the chopped honey roasted peanuts (there are a LOT of peanuts in this recipe!). The batter is really wet, but I just used my scoop. I only put about six cookies on the sheet because I was worried about spreading (NM says to space them FOUR inches apart; I've never seen directions to space them out that much before!)...and rightfully so. These spread a ton and grew huge in the oven.

The verdict: Not surprisingly, considered they're called "wafer" cookies and they spread so much, these cookies are really thin. Parts of them have an almost-toffee-like consistency, and then there's a nice crunch from the bits of peanut. They have a very strong peanut-honey flavor (again, not surprising), so if you didn't like either of those flavors, you wouldn't like these. But if, like me, you love both peanuts and honey, these cookies are delicious! They're very sweet (I could see cutting down the honey just a bit), but we all (my hubby, dad, and me) found them quite delicious and addictive. (The kids, who are anti-nut, wouldn't even try them.) I will definitely make these again when I'm looking for a quick salty-crunchy-sweet treat!


  1. Those look wonderfully crunchy...we love crunchy cookies the best, so now I am really looking forward to these. LOL on asking if you should make cookies or not...guys are always going to vote "Yay!" and never "Nay!" on cookies. Trust me, I know. I better only make half a recipe of these, not sure I can be trusted around them.

  2. Yum!!! We aren't normally crunchy cookie people, but these look good and I like the 'quick' to make aspect. The honey roasted peanuts are my favorite. I love to buy my peanut butter ground from these.

  3. You had me at the toffee consistency and sealed the deal with the sweet/salty description. I can't wait to try these!

  4. Glad you liked them. I wasn't a huge fan and it kind of surprised me. I found them a bit bland. But I guess not every cookie is for everyone.