Monday, September 20, 2010

Strawberry Freezer Jam

When I read Nicole's post on Pinch My Salt about strawberry freezer jam, I was intrigued, but not convinced. Like Nicole, I assumed that because it was such an easy process, it must be inferior to the "real" stuff.

Last Christmas, one of hubby's coworkers gave us a jar. I stuffed it in the freezer and forgot about it. Eh, freezer jam; not the real thing.

Fast forward to the middle of this summer, when I stumbled on the jar, realized we didn't have any strawberry jelly in the house, and decided to try it. Oh my goodness, it was so tasty! And when I started making my own yogurt later this summer, we started using a spoonful of jam to sweeten it; by far the best strawberry yogurt ever. We went through the jar in record speed. Luckily another friend dropped off a jar, so we defrosted that one - and lickety split, it was gone, too.

So today, I picked up a package of freezer pectin and four pounds of strawberries ~ and in a half hour, we had eight jars of strawberry freezer jam!


  1. I made blackberry freezer jam for the first time this summer too. So easy! So fun!!

  2. There exists something like freezer pectin? Is it different from non-freezer pectin?

  3. My mom always made strawberry freezer jam growing up. I remember "helping", but not really. The thought of making jam seems like so much work, but maybe I should look into it . . .