Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mellow Bakers: Flaxseed bread (April)

After two (yes, there was another failed attempt) attempts at my first Mellow Bakers April bread, pain au levain, I decided to move along. I've been craving cucumber and cream cheese on rye sandwiches lately, so I made a loaf of flaxseed bread this weekend.

The flaxseeds were an interesting addition to this otherwise normal sourdough rye. They are soaked overnight in cold water, and by the time I was ready to bake, they had the most interesting, almost gel-like consistency.

The bread was made with rye flour, bread flour, water, salt, a tiny bit of yeast, the flaxseed soaker, and a rye sourdough starter. It went pretty quickly; each fermentation period was only about an hour, although after coming out of the oven, the bread stays wrapped overnight before tasting.

The bread made perfect lunchtime sandwiches: cucs and cream cheese for me, meat and cheese and mustard for the hubby.


  1. Looks wonderful. I need to get through BBA so that I can start baking bread from the list at Mellow Bakers. I think I did one or two and that was it...never officially joined so that's probably why...no deadlines for me to meet! Cucs and cream cheese are so good on a sandwich!

  2. I feel bad now, you've made 2 April breads already and I haven't baked anything bread-like in about 3 weeks!!! Maybe I should start with this one - I love flaxseed!

  3. First Jo's and now yours, Abby, I'm completely sold on the rye loaf now! It looks superb! :)

  4. This looks really good! I couldn't find any rye flour without ordering it online, and shipping to where I live is expensive. Just didn't have enough to make this one too! I love the flavor of rye bread, and am wondering what flaxseed would add. I make a whole wheat flaxseed bread and really like that. This is another one I will have to drool over till I have the ingredients! Really looks great!